About KBTR

KBTR is the graffiti-gnome from Utrecht, The Netherlands. The character is based on a type of garden gnome typical for The Netherlands.
KBTR is the graffiti handle/TAG derived from the word KaBouTeR (meaning gnome in Dutch). KBTR is also the spiritual father / inventor of the hashtag #KBTR used on social media. Meaning not an abbreviation for gnomes in general, but in fact the artists' name KBTR, in essence a dirty graffiti TAG.
KBTR-gnomes are known for their red hat, white beard and their constantly changing appearance and expression while keeping its recognizable style. More info coming soon...


KBTR Documentaire

In 2019 is een documentaire over de KBTR gemaakt door Vunck, bekijk hem hier via youtube.